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Python versions by Linux Distribution

Listed below is a list of recent distributions for Debian, Ubuntu, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the corresponding Python version that ships with each version.

Bluetooth Headphones & A2DP/AAC w/ Pipewire on Debian 12

I've had a pair of Anker Soundcore Life 2 bluetooth headphones with active noise-cancelling for a while, but generally used them with either my phone or laptop running PopOS. Recently decided to try to use them with my desktop running Debian Bookworm 12 (currently in beta), and had less than a pleasant time, despite learning far more than I wanted to about bluetooth.

Bash Auto-Dark Mode Script

Simple script to detect the terminal background color and calculate the luminance of that compared to straight black or white. Useful for displaying different colors in a script based on a light or dark background.

Dell 32 Inch Curved 1440P

I purchased the Dell S3222DGM monitor from best buy during a pretty aggressive Cyber Monday deal. When this monitor was first released it could be found for around 450 dollars. I was able to snag it for 250 during the deal. Not bad at all! Today 11/29/2022 it is still available for 249.99 which is 100 dollars off its new MSRP of 349.99.

Initial Thoughts on Intel A770 on Linux

After looking at the new line of Intel dedicated graphics cards and chatting with an Intel rep about their Linux compatibility, I decided to pick up one of the new 16GB A770 cards and gave it a spin on a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installation. The price point of the Intel ARC A770 offered by Microcenter was a determining factor as well, as an MSRP of $350 is far more manageable than some of the alternatives.

Video Transcoding from VOB Files for Plex

While testing out a new Plex install, (article talking about that coming soon), I ran into some difficulties with various ripped content I had, notably that it is far less accepting on various video formats.

Installing SSH server on Windows 10

Microsoft natively supports SSH client and SSH server via libreSSH, but has some caveats, at least on Windows 10. According to the official docs it should be installable via the Features interface, but this was not quite so in my experience.

Why did hackers attack my Wordpress site?

Wordpress is one of the most popular web frameworks in the wild today due to its low cost, plethora of plugins, tasteful themes, and excellent extensions. Desipte this it is also arguably one of the worst written pieces of software ever duct taped together, (maybe second after Windows ME). Please note, even internally we debate on the quality of Wordpress, this is just my personal opinion. :P This makes it a prime target for script kiddies, blackhats, and underground organizations, but why?