Veracious Network More than just a game, it's a community!


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Introducing the Veracious Network Gaming Discord! This isn’t your typical discord server. Due to our ever expanding game and server library we needed a solution that wasn’t making 17 discords (random number). That is when the Veracious Gaming Community Server was born! We focused all of our assets, friends, and server’s into one tidy little space (well, lets be honest, it could be cleaner). Its very simple to get started! Once in the discord you have access to the basic channels, this is where people hang out when they’re not really looking to play something in particular. Its a great place to meet the community as well as introduce yourself! {.center}

Now you may be asking yourself, Where’s all the servers???? Well its simple, in order to keep community members notifications from being spammed, we have a reaction role system that allows you to cater your Veracious Gaming experience to be exactly how you want it. We have something for everyone! From Crypto Mining chats, to MMO Guild chats! Simply head to the channel named #react-for-game. Once here simply react to each message that is tied to the game you would like to have! Once you have given yourself the role, you can now see the new category! {.center}

We hope this is enough to get you started here at Veracious Gaming and we look forward to getting to know each of you! See you in discord! {.center}

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