Veracious Network More than just a game, it's a community!


Veracious Network was started as a clan in a game that many of you have probably heard of. As time went on members started to find other games and slowly built an entire gaming community based on the love of games and tech.

Today Veracious Network has over 60 members and is supported by 3 different tech companies! Eval, based in Columbus, Ohio provides the software and hardware support for all of the websites, networks, and backups. Wort Technologies, in Hicksville, Ohio provides a server that hosts all of our custom servers and other content. Komputer Geeks, also of Hicksville, Ohio provides the game server support from installation to maintenance.

Our players enjoy many benefits like one single discord server for all games, tech support, enthusiasts and many others benefits. We all work together to achieve one goal, to make life a little more fun and learn something along the way.