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Kerbal Space Program 2 - Disable Launcher in Linux

I decided to try out the "For Science!" update that just dropped recently for Kerbal Space Program, only to be greeted with... nothing... when I launched the game. I gave it a few moments to launch, but nothing. It just sat there.

So I switched over to a terminal to run htop and saw that Proton was actually doing something, but the GUI gave no suggestion that it was doing something. So I gave it a minute, then another... then it FINALLY popped up some stupid fucking login screen.

Kerbal Space Program 2 Launcher Login

Did I say I wanted to login to whatever the fuck this is? NO! I wanted to play a fucking game and look at the newest content!

If I wanted to register with whatever bullshit this is, I'd go to your site and fucking register! Maybe include a link in the game's main menu, or a clickable graphic in it instead.

At least subsequent runs of the launcher open it in about 10 seconds, which is better than 3-4 minutes, but still unaccepable as again, why the fuck would I want to log in to play a single player game?!?

At least some browsing around led me to /u/Not-Porn-Alt's fix posted on Reddit which state how to update the Steam launch properties to skip this bullshit, which 1) skips the launcher and 2) launches the game fucking immediately when I click 'Play'.

bash bash -c 'exec "${@/%"PDLauncher/LauncherPatcher.exe"/KSP2_x64.exe}"' -- %command%

Tested with game version on Debian Linux.

But, now I'm too annoyed with this whole launcher business so instead I'm going to go play a game which does not implement this bullshit, like Project Zomboid.