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Today in Gaming history

1997 - Capcom releases the Resident Evil Director's Cut video game for the PlayStation in the US residentevil

Capcom Releases the Directors Cut in the US and Fans go Crazy! The game was delivered as remuneration for the deferred arrival of Resident Evil 2. The Director's Cut contained, notwithstanding to the first rendition of the game, another organized mode with different changes made to the game.

1995 - Total unit sales of the PlayStation in the US to date: 120,000. ps2

We cant help but notice how small the sales are compared to modern day console releases, 1995 was a different year, some still thought, gaming to be a fad that would eventually wearout. However Sony and Microsoft (among other smaller names) both succeeded!

1998 - Nintendo releases the Pokémon Red version and Pokémon Blue version games for the Game Boy in the US. pokemon

These really dont need any explaining, if you're on this site, reading this article. Chances are you remember the feeling of hiding under your blanket, gameboy light attachment attached. Doing what we all did in our childhood, Trying to catch em all!

1999 - Konami releases the Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions video game for the PlayStation. metalgear

I have to admit, this section will be the longest of the article. MGS is one of the most successful and popular Game franchises in history. To those who have followed the series, they know that the "VR Missions" Added so much more playability and life to the game. While Additional VR missions were released to fill in the gap while Konami was working on MGS2 They quickly became a fan favorite. Giving players additional goals to complete after completing the main game, and in some cases even having references to Hideo Kojima's Penguin Adventure Which has become somewhat of a Cult Classic for Kojima fans. Looking into the development notes of the original MGS, we can find that there were numerous unreleased VR missions, often having outlandish ideas. Some of these ideas were later captured in the VR only release of MGS.

1999 - Square releases the Final Fantasy Anthology video game for the PlayStation in the US. Included are Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III in the US). finalfantasy

Anthology includes several changes, the most noticeable ones being the CGI openings and closings. Final Fantasy VI also includes a Bonus, which consists of the following features:

Cinematics Theater Concept Art Bestiary Dragon's Neck Colosseum Bet/Fight/Win List Esper List List of Strago's Lores

Most of the features require the player to beat the game before viewing them, but the Cinematics Theater, Concept Art and Bestiary can be accessed from the beginning, although only half of the features in said categories can be accessed at that point.

1999 - Rockstar Games releases the Grand Theft Auto 2 video game for the PlayStation in the US. gta2

By this time, Rockstar north had decided what direction they wanted to take the game. While some can claim that GTA 2 (using the same engine as the original GTA and GTA:London) is just a modified version of the original game, It ultimately lead to the "violance first, morals later" attitude of the games. The game however was not the best, often crashing, and having an overall clunky aiming system often left users frustrated, getting killed, and loosing their high score. We were also introduced to the somewhat same style HUD we see in GTA today!

2008 - Konami releases the Silent Hill: Homecoming video game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 2 in the US. silenthill

The game was initially banned in Australia, but was subsequently released with the MA15+ rating and censored graphics. The Japanese release of the game was canceled altogether.

That Concludes todays gaming in history! Do you remember playing any of these titles? Tell us about it on Mastadon!