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Today In gaming History

1992 - Midway Amusement Games releases the Mortal Kombat video game Version 4.0 to arcades in the US.

mortal combat 1992

Mortal combat is what we can thank for the beginning of the lobby against violent video games. Parents at the time thought mortal combat (using its signature real images on a 2d platform) showed exponential violance towards children, and while it has been proven that there is ZERO correlation between the two, the lobbies against violent video games continue even today!

1994 - Atari and Sega Enterprises settle their lawsuit, with Sega paying Atari US$90 million, in return for 7.4 percent of Atari and rights to 70 Atari patents. atari

2005 - Eidos releases the Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale video game for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox in the US. gunslinger

This game should look similar to some. I know as a child I had played Gunslinger Call of Jarez on my moms window vista pc (insert gag sounds) While I never got deep into the game, I cant help but notice the similarities between gunslinger and a very popular Rockstar game! Do you think Rockstar got their inspiration from gunslinger? Let us know on mastadon!

2010 - Capcom releases the Dead Rising 2 video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the US. deadrising2

The long awaited sequel to the classic Dead Rising which had Americans attached to their couch, crafting new weapons and finding the best way to take down those zombies. Some can give this game credit for bringing the zombie genre to the forelight in the gaming and media industry, if Americans didnt love this game as much as they did/do, would we still have The Walking Dead?

2017 - Sidebar Games releases the Golf Story video game for the Switch in the USA. golfstory

While I can say ive never even heard of this switch release, it was still released today in 2017 so it is worth its mention! While I anticipate this to be a cartoon kid friendly version of Tiger Woods PGA games, I cant imagine it ever got much traction In the switch community. The game however did recieve several awards such as Best Debut Indie Game and Best Debut for the publisher.

This concludes today in gaming history! Check back again tomorrow for more history!