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Valheim Eyecandy

Valheim, A game of sophistication and yet a simple art style. While the art style compliments the game and masks a true beauty, we don't buy $1000 Graphics cards to look at 16bit textures. As such I (NoFaceTV) Have taken the liberty of going through various texture packs, custom mesh packs, and audio packs to make the Valheim experience a little more "pretty". I wanted to do this while also keeping the art style true to the game and as such you will not find 4k textures etc in this download.

The game will look 100% better (opinion) while keeping its roots in the art style.

With this pack I have also added some new armor and weapon sets, these help fill some of the gaps in equipment and add more early and end game playability, Additionally the First Person mod is also included!

Below you can download all of these various texture packs, meshes and sounds packaged into a convenient zip file for our members' convenience. Please note that we do not make these mods, we simply are reposting them for private use and member convenience. Mods are subject to breaking at anytime. We are not responsible for any damage caused by running mods.